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Saving Space – One Drawer at a Time: The Best Ideas for Small Parts Storage


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Faster Inventory with Industrial Drawer Cabinets

Posted by Innovo Support on

Faster Inventory Counts with Industrial Drawer Cabinets

Yearly inventory counts are always difficult and time consuming, especially with smaller parts. This becomes excessive when, for a variety of reasons, you want to verify stock levels on a more frequent basis; such as quarterly or monthly. You can increase space in your stock room and decrease the time it takes to inventory your products using modular drawer cabinet systems.

Modular drawer systems can be added to your existing shelving to increase the storage space you have available. The drawers are adaptable to most brands of shelving with specific adaptor brackets. You can choose how much space you want to convert to drawers, using brackets from 18” to 48” high. The drawers are available in most standard shelf sizes and depths from 3” to 12” deep.


Not only will the modular drawers create more space for parts in your shelving units, but, since the drawers have full extension, the full depth of the drawer is visible when fully extended; therefore all parts and components, whether in partitioned compartments or in plastic bins, are available for viewing and counting. This makes inventory counts much faster and easier than working on a conventional shelving with a plastic bin system. You can also take a quick visual inventory at any time without having to pull out each shelf bin and look inside or open up a box and count the contents. Drawers in shelving also help keep inventory parts and components away from environmental dust and debris, as opposed to shelf bins that leave the contents exposed.



Drawers can be ordered in a variety of colors; therefore you can coordinate with existing equipment or mirror your company colors. You can also order drawers in colors to code drawers for certain types of products, making it easier to locate products; and, if you don’t want to integrate drawers into your existing shelving units, all of these options are also available in stand-alone locking industrial drawer cabinets.

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